About Identity Restoration Services Inc.

Public and independent research has demonstrated that Canadians are alert and wary to the threat of Identity theft.
About 1 in 10 Canadians reports having been a victim of identity theft, and an additional 1 in 4 says that they know someone who has had this happen to them.
Source: EKOS Research Associates, 2008
Current and past victims have found the restoration process exhausting, time consuming and overwhelming. Canadians have demonstrated an appetite for restoration protection; however current non-facilitated programs often leave victims feeling that the restoration assistance/coverage was inadequate. Although the market is educated regarding the risk and recourse of having ones identity compromised, restoration solutions that are too costly tend to cause many individuals to delay purchasing restoration protection until they have first-hand knowledge of a victim.

Since May 2008, IRS has specialized in providing member based organizations with customized identity restoration services to be made available to their valued customers. With extensive knowledge and background in white collar crime, specifically identity related breaches; IRS has developed the most comprehensive and innovative identity theft prevention and restoration solutions portfolio available to the Canadian market.

We are experts in Identity Theft based crimes and possess comprehensive knowledge regarding trends, perpetrators and organizational vulnerability. Identity theft schemes are evolving and becoming increasingly more sophisticated. With this in mind, we need to be alert to the fact that breach rates will continue to increase. Perpetrators are continually looking to exploit large scale data breaches. Identity theft has been tagged “the crime of the information age” and is on the mind of most Canadians.

Identity Restoration Services Inc., offers institutions idRestore®, a full service facilitated restoration product to be made available to their customer member bases.

idRestore® is a fully facilitated identity restoration service wholly compliant with Canadian Provincial and Federal privacy legislation and represents a true peace of mind service that organisations can offer or sell to their members without licensing requirements due to the fact that idRestore® is a service offering, as opposed to an insurance product.