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Where are perpetrators most likely to obtain
access to our personal information?
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At curb side (garbage included shredded documents)
In our workplace garbage and recycle bins
At the ATM, particularly private terminals through the installation of card readers in combination with micro cameras
Through our bank branches
Through online transaction with insecure vendors
Via embedded phishing software in various data bases that may contain our personal information
Home or auto break in
Through non protection of passwords OR rudimentary passwords such as birthdates etc.
Email & telephone scams

“Deadbolt” Your Personal Risk Assessment Survey

Your Personal Risk Assessment Survey is an extremely valuable inclusive benefit available to members through the Identity Restoration Services member’s only Web site. The Personal Risk Assessment Survey provides members with an online application tool designed to identify areas of vulnerability and recommend corrective measures, ultimately reducing an individual’s vulnerability to identity theft. Your Personal Risk Assessment Survey provides crucial on-line security information, allowing individuals to determine their level of risk based on their personal habits, for becoming a victim of identity theft. Through education and suggested behaviour modification, Your Personal Risk Assessment Survey will become your members’ first line of defense against identity theft.