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Identity Restoration Services Inc. allows member based organisations of all sizes to offer an affordable, industry leading facilitated restoration service to their valuable customers.

Facilitated restoration protection through IRS offers organisations a timely, key differentiating service with extremely high perceived value.

The single greatest value that identity theft coverage can provide is a fully managed/facilitated identity restoration service. In the event of an identity theft, what victims really require is a solution that provides true peace-of-mind, by removing the burden of identity restoration from the victim and protecting their reputation. Fully managed identity restoration provides a certified fraud examiner acting as recovery expert, navigating through the maze of agencies and businesses involved with identity restoration, typically eliminating hundreds of hours of work and virtually eliminating out-of-pocket expenses on the victim’s behalf.

idRestore® provides compelling value to members, thereby building loyalty, retention and takeaway opportunities for the sponsor organisation. Facilitated restoration protection through IRS, allows sponsor organisations to demonstrate innovativeness, while setting the standard in restoration protection. Customer members receive unparalleled value and protection through enrolment. IRS clients can be confident that they are offering the highest quality program available to the Canadian market.